Five Steps to Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud can be daunting, but the longer you wait the harder it will be. The cloud will lower the costs of IT for your business and should also increase the functionality of your systems.

Forbes shared five steps that will help you prepare for migration:

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Penetration Tests Need to Effect Cultural Change

Penetration tests need to effect a cultural change in companies, believes Ira Winkler, President of the Internet Security Advisors Group. Winkler said that penetration tests need to aim to highlight cultural practices that can be improved, otherwise they could be a waste of time and money.

He explained that failing to prove that there are underlying security issues makes penetration tests relatively useless because they do not change the situation. Providing a short-term fix that ignores the underlying behavioural problems is also wasteful.

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All You Need to Know About Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the best means with which to safely test the security of your business IT system. It uses ethical hacking to break into your systems so that weaknesses can be identified. With this information you can then build a more secure system and protect your data.

Cybersecurity expert Eric Basu shared more about this IT security appraisal tactic.

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British SMEs Uncertain About Disaster Recover Plans

Just 16% of British small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are confident in the effectiveness of their disaster recovery plan. Onyx Group and Computing magazine carried out a study of British SMEs and found that many are putting their businesses at risk. Only one in three of those surveyed bothered to store backup data offsite despite the risk to continuity that this poses.

Neil Stephenson, CEO at Onyx Group, said that the results are worrying and show a real lack of confidence in plans for disaster recovery at present.

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Forget Audits and Focus on Security

Focusing on passing security audit checks could come at the cost of reliable security. For years, security teams have been turning to audit checklists to secure funding for security and ensure that they pass the test. However, doing so can lead to significant security oversights, said CSO.

A report by IT expert professional community Wisegate has found that compliance is the biggest driver for security. Many security teams failed to cite the risk or the need to stay ahead of attackers as a reason for developments.

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How to Improve Password Security

Password security needs to be managed carefully to protect your property and your data. While passwords will help you to keep your information secure, if they become compromised then you can quickly lose control of your accounts.

To protect your personal and business accounts follow these steps for password security from Dynamic Business.

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Using a Broker to Manage Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

The cloud can offer the perfect solution to disaster recovery. Cloud computing is becoming popular because of the low cost of space in comparison to an internal storage infrastructure. One of the big worries that companies still struggle with is the issue of disaster recovery, but the cloud could provide the answer.

Cloud service brokers can improve security by acting as a go-between with cloud providers. Instead of putting all of your data into one cloud solution, they will instead store it across multiple clouds to ensure that there is always a backup of information. This increases security because it prevents a loss of data if a cloud provider were to withdraw its storage, explained IT expert Mark O’Neill.

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What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Before migrating your systems to the public cloud, there’s a few things to think through first. While the cloud is a good solution for many problems, there are elements of your business that need to be dealt with before you make the move. The Guardian shared three of them:

Old applications

Old applications need to be looked at before you move. If you are simply moving an unnecessary set of data then this is a waste of space, time and money.

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Cloud to Become Bulk of IT Spend

The bulk of IT spend will be on cloud by 2016, predicted Gartner. The analyst firm has said that cloud will see a compound annual growth rate of 15.3% from 2012 to 2017. This increase far outstrips the growth of the IT sector as a whole and will make cloud the largest area of spending by 2016.

Software as a service and infrastructure as a service will also experience a higher rate of growth with an anticipated 23.6 and 24.5% growth respectively.

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SMBs Suffering from Digital Illiteracy

Digital illiteracy is limiting the earning potential of many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Australia. SMBs make up 99% of all businesses in Australia, but a staggering number are struggling to make money because of digital illiteracy. 35% of SMBs have reported a loss of profitability in recent years and a study by PayPal attributes this to digital illiteracy.

SMBs employ 65% of the workforce and generate a substantial 20% of Australia’s GDP. Despite this, three in five SMB owners have stated that low computer literacy levels are holding their businesses back.

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